Hello World

Hi, I’m Luke – a musician, writer, and creator passionate about my faith. As a musician, I’ve shaped my performing career across a wide range of musical styles and venues, from Brahms to musical theatre and from New York City to the islands of Greece. In my passion for performing the works of ancient and contemporary composers alike, I seek to elucidate the common threads in both and explore how musical innovation continues today. Whether it’s at Carnegie Hall, the shores of the Aegean, the streets of Pittsburgh, or a local nursing home, I find that good places to make music exist most anywhere I go!


As I continue to grow in my practice of the Catholic faith, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the musical and liturgical traditions of the Church. Throughout college I frequently dedicated my work as the student body’s fine arts columnist to the discussion of this great cultural and spiritual treasure. I’ve been active as a blogger since 2014 and enjoy writing poetry as well as short-form fiction and articles.

In 2017, I and several of my colleagues founded Beatus Choral Ensemble, a Catholic choir dedicated to bringing the Church’s choral tradition to new audiences through performance and educational workshops. The past few years have blessed me with frequent opportunities to grow in liturgical and musical leadership in both university and parish settings. As an organist, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity of playing in recital at Heinz Memorial Chapel in Pittsburgh and in concert with the Schola Cantorum Franciscana and Pittsburgh’s Academy Chamber Ensemble. Currently I continue to work with Beatus to develop new opportunities to perform and to bring the treasury of sacred music to more and more people. In my off time you’ll find me tweaking my web 1.0 side projects or hiking somewhere in the mountains. Do stick around for tea.